About Us

CB Clothing is a privately owned business which has over 15 years experience in industrial design and manufacturing.  We combine the best raw materials and production process to provide quality and value in everything we make. 

Our entire supply chain is vertically integrated so every step is done by our team to ensure consistent quality.  Our goal was to make the best cotton garments in the world for digital and conventional printing processes, and we believe we have achieved that.

We only use 100% Australian cotton……..because it is the best raw material in the world.  We cater to the wholesale printing, promotions and private label markets but also offer the same quality and value to the retail user online. We think our product offers the best quality and provide genuine value to the garment market.


Company Background

CB and its parent companies have been making industrial printing products for the global market for more than 20 years. 

The formula of engineering quality and value has enabled us to supply large multinationals with the primary objective of solving their needs by making a true “fit for purpose” product. 


Manufacturing the product is only part of the solution, this is supported by a dedicated team of people who sell and distribute the products with the same level of quality and value. 

We are the supply chain, there are no middle men, you deal with us from conception to delivery.